Fresh doctor


Pesticide registration number : PD20152252

Pesticide production number : HNP 61003-0004

Product standard number : Q/XBN16-2014

National invention patent number : ZL200610042683.2

China agricultural science and technology award number:KJ2015-R3-050-07

National key new product number : 2008GRG00012

Shaanxi Province to promote the project number : 2007KT-015

The effective component of "Fresh Doctor" is 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), which is the most outstanding ethylene inhibitor. 1-MCP can obstruct ethylene’s normal physiological function by irreversible combination with the receptor, so as to delay the ethylene-causing decline of quality. For the features of non-toxic, non-pollution and high efficiency, 1-MCP has wide application prospect in fruits, vegetables and flowers fresh keeping. The use of 1-MCP as a preservative was called a revolution in some developed countries.
Application prospect: 1-MCP is the best ethylene inhibitor. Some researches showed that 1-MCP has significant fresh-keeping effect on different fruits and vegetables, such as various of apple, pear, persimmon, kiwi fruit, peach, nectarine, plum, apricot, cherry, grape, strawberry, banana, mango, avocado, orange, lemon, pineapple, litchi, red bayberry, dog head dates, Long dates, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, parsley and lettuce. A large number of studies have proved the effectiveness of 1-MCP and it is now extending in the all over world. Due to its low toxicity, 1-MCP has wide application prospect.
Preservation: Some studies showed that 1-MCP can inhibit the production of ethylene, delay the appearance of ethylene concentration peak, keep fruit hardness, relief the decrease of fruit hardness in storage and shelf periods, delay the decomposition of chlorophyll, keep fruit color, reduce the loss of titratable acid, maintain good flavor, reduce starch conversion rate, delay the decrease of soluble solids and inhibit postharvest physiological diseases, particularly apple superficial scald.

Xianyang Xiqin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Xianyang Xiqin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is developed from Liquan Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd, which had concentrated to the research and manufacture of cyclodextrin and its derivatives for more than 20 years. Since the establishment, we have dedicated to build a modern high-tech enterprise combining research, production, market and technical services of cyclodextrin and its derivatives. The headquarters is located in Qinhan New City, Xi Xian New Area, Shaanxi Province, adjacent to Xian-Xianyang airport expressway. The transportation is very convenient.

The base of research, market and technical services is more than 40 acres and the production base cover an area of more than 150 acres. We have two production series: industrial products and agricultural products. The representatives of the former series areα- cyclodextrin, β- cyclodextrin and hydroxypropy cyclodextrin. The later series are represented by “Fresh Doctor” 1-MCP preservative and “Linsheng” plant protectant.

We get a lot of national, provincial and municipal funding supports and own a number of independent intellectual property rights. Among them,α-Cyclodextrin and “Fresh Doctor” 1-MCP preservative filled the void in China, and the production technology and quality have reached the leading level in China and the advanced level in the world. We pay attention to the product research and have established partnerships with many domestic famous universities and research institutions. The item and product reserves laid a solid foundation for the company's rapid development.

The corporate philosophy is “People oriented, Unite and struggle hard, Integrity and professionalism, Braving in forefront and Innovation” and the guideline is “First-class technology, First-class product, First-class quality and First-class service”. We assemble talents, serve customers and contribute the world following the corporate philosophy and guideline. In line with integrity and specialization, we warmly welcome people of all walks to come to visit, cooperate and conspire for future development.